You’re accused of theft or worse! Not True? Here’s what to do!

Let’s say the following happens:

  1. You’re accused of having stolen something. Or …
  2. You failed to lock a door, a window, a safe, and money, drugs, product were stolen. Or …
  3. You harassed someone in full view of everyone. Or …
  4. You broke a serious company rule! How could you?? Or …
  5. The time you put down was wrong. You didn’t get to work on time, or you left early.

Chances are, if the accusation is strong enough, you’ll be told to leave that very day, and given a final check.

NOTE: Before you do what we suggest, you should probably wait you get your final check. Remember, you don’t have to sign any release to get that check. If you’re owed wages, you’re owed wages. In California, they have to pay you right then. You don’t have to admit any wrongdoing to get that check, either.

BUT … If what your boss, your manager, your supervisor or HR said is simply not true, here’s what you might considering doing.

(Once you are paid.) Think if there might be a company video or audio recordings that would show what actually happened. If so, then do this: In writing, an email would be best, say you want to see them.

Also, say, if you believe it, that those tapes would prove you were not at fault and you want to review them right away. AND, be sure to ask your employer that those tapes be saved, and ask for copies of them as well.

The company may well say they don’t have to give you those tapes. Or they may not answer you at all. But if they do exist, your employer may now be on the hook. Your employer might have a serious problem if those tapes favor your position, because you asked for them, and they didn’t want to provide them.

If that happens? Maybe you’d want to call a law firm that represents employees who are wrongly let go – fired – terminated – tossed out.

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