They Want Your Phone? So Your Car Can Do What?

Has this happened to you?  Have you bought a car recently, and you were asked to allow them to put an app on your phone?  Maybe you were told the app would be great for you, so you can unlock it from your phone.

First of all, why would you want to do that? Wouldn’t you be a little worried that you might activate the app accidentally, and unlock your car by mistake?

Not only that, but guess what you will probably get with that gift?  Free boxes of cookies, dozens of them!  A Bake Sale!  Of the kind that will track you wherever you go.  You know the type, the ones that ask you, “How did you like shopping at NeverGoingThereAgainStore?”  Or, “How would your rate LatestCrummySequelEver?”

Why would this happen at all?  Maybe because employees are now being pushed to get you to have apps on your phone that will force you to get ads you never wanted.  Isn’t television bad enough?  Direct TV?  Streaming?  Cabling?  The Next Big Thing?

Or are you one of those employees now being required to force this on your customers?  Whether it’s for a car or a television, a boat or a tractor?  Are your commissions being cut if you don’t ‘sell’ these apps?  Know anyone who’s been fired because they didn’t want to stick the customer with another pain in the butt – where they park their phone?

If you’re a customer, or if you’re the salesperson, and you’re unhappy about this, perhaps something can be done.  Try emailing us at  Or call 626-795-0205.

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