Forced Kickbacks at Work??? Yeah, Sadly, It Can Happen

Some bosses actually expect their employees to ‘give’ them something for the right to keep a job. Or to get enough hours of work. What’s going on there? They want a kickback. They’re demanding a payment you’re forced to make every month or so. Something for the team lead for him or to keep you on the job.

If it’s happened to you, it might have been some portion of your pay, say $50 or more a payday. Or it might be something else, like tickets to a ballgame. Or something like a case of beer, or a bottle of tequila.

That’s not supposed to happen. You know it. They know it. But you also know if you stop agreeing to ‘giving the boss a gift’ – which is no gift at all – you might get fired. Or find yourself being given a much shorter workweek or workday.

Hopefully, this never happens to you. Is this happening to you right now? If so, start keeping track of it somehow. Write down the dates on a calendar, or a notebook. Or maybe even record it on your phone, perhaps. But be sure to keep it to yourself.

If it starts getting bad, and you complain about it and are let go, maybe you have a chance at getting paid back for what happened to you. You might let us know, show us what you’ve written down or have on your cellphone.

If this has gone on during the past few years, did you complain about it? If so, did you lose your job or work? Perhaps something can still be done to make it more fair.

Plain and simple, having to pay a kickback or bribe to a manager or supervisor to keep a job shouldn’t happen. Call us at 626-795-0205 or 818-547-5200 if that is – or was going on in the past.

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