April 15th – Watch out! Your Tax Withholding May Be Withheld!

You know each week, or every other week, or twice a month, when you get your Earnings Statements? Do you ever look to see how much is being taken out in taxes?

You should!

Some employers have decided a good way to keep their employees’ money is to pocket the taxes they withheld from their paychecks. Have you heard about that recently in the news!!!???

When you go to file your taxes, be sure to ask whoever is doing that for you (or if you’re doing it alone) to check to make sure ALL the money withheld from your paycheck for taxes got to the right taxing authority. In California, that would be the Franchise Tax Board for state taxes, and of course the IRS for federal taxes.

Don’t get cheated on your taxes because of where you work. If you find this happens, contact an attorney who represents employees. If you don’t know any other attorneys in California, maybe you should call me. Hopefully, of course, this trick hasn’t been played on you and won’t happen to you or anyone you know. But if it does, please protect yourself and friends and relatives – and make that call!

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