PRETEXT – What They “Make Up” for Why You Got Fired!

Has this happened to you? Or a family member, or close friend?

You (or they) have worked at a job for a number of years. Then suddenly someone claims inventory or equipment is missing, and they hang it on you – even if you normally didn’t work at that location and/or were only there one day?

If you didn’t do it, if someone else did, then what they’re doing is using a PRETEXT – a phony reason – to get rid of you.

Or does this happen? You’re told they don’t believe it was you, but you have to take a lie-detector test? Then when you refuse, you get fired because only a guilty person wouldn’t take the test?

Maybe the people who really took the goods figured out a way to throw you under the bus and take the heat off themselves. Maybe you lost your job not because of anything you did, but because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Then later, you hear that people are being told that’s the reason you’re gone? You were fired?

If any of these things happened, maybe there’s a remedy. Maybe there’s a way to regain some of what you lost. Maybe you would want to call us to talk about it. If you do, call either 626-795-0205 or 818-547-5200. Thanks for reading, and keeping this in mind.

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