Funeral Home Workers – Everyone’s Time Is Valuable

Sooner or later, we’re all faced with having to deal with decisions relating to the possibility of funerals, be it for friends, families, or our own.

The people we meet with at the mortuaries, funeral homes, and cemeteries, are all trained to try to give us the best possible service, all the while engaging in a business which requires success to continue in operation.

So we’re glad, aren’t we, when we do have to travel to such locations, be it memorial parks, graveyards or mausoleums, to find someone who will take the time to try to help us?

If you work for such an institution, you know this to be a fact: Most people are not well-prepared for that first visit. It may take more than one visit. It may require meetings after regular business hours, on week-ends, or even to the person’s home or place of business.

Just because you are doing such a fine service doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be paid for every hour you put in to help all those individuals who require and appreciate your help. If you are employed in this field, irrespective of how your employer pays you, we recommend you track every minute of time spent with visitors and customers, including travel, text, phone and email time, whether at the office or anywhere else.

Your time is valuable. You should be paid in full for that time.

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