Car Haulers

Car Haulers! You know, the guys who drive those trucks which hold cars on them, as they’re being transported to either a new or used-car lot!

Suppose that was your job! Suppose, when you got to work, you were scheduled to leave the lot, cars already loaded up, and be at some 10,000 used-car lot that afternoon, 350 miles away, say from San Jose to Los Angeles, California, maybe on Ventura Blvd.

Your manifest says it’s only 340 miles, and should only take about five and a half hours. But that doesn’t include any traffic congestion, downed motorcycles, broken-down semis, police activity, weather, or any other inconvenience that might slow down the trip.

So supposed you’re to be paid for 5.5 hours and that’s it. Do you think that’s fair? No? Actually, neither does the law in California.

Even worse, what about pre-safety checks? Or stopping to ensure everything is still tied down tight?

Or highway patrol stops? Or construction! Or stopping for the bullet train to fly by!

What about dead-heading – You dropped your load, turned around, and headed back home, with no load and no pay. Doesn’t that make your being underpaid for working more than the scheduled hours make it all the worse?

In California, you may even be entitled to an hour’s pay if you don’t get a half-hour meal break after 5 hours’ work, and another hour’s pay if you don’t get a 10 minute rest break for each 4 hours you work.

Are you being denied all of your pay? Know someone – a friend, maybe or a relative – who is being shorted this way?

Have them give me – tomthelawyer – a call at 818-547-5200 or 626-75-0205. Or email me at While you’re at it, take a look at our website,, showing all the class actions we’ve filed on behalf of truckers, bus drivers, van drivers, cab drivers, messengers, servers, accountants, pharmacists and a host of other professions.

Keep on truckin’ – and get paid all you’re due, while you’re doin’ it.

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