Parking Lot Attendants

Do you think there’s anyone who’s ever driven a car who hasn’t used a parking lot?

Think about it. Most of the time, not all of the time, but most of the time, parking lots are taken care of and watched over by parking lot attendants.

What about this? Have you ever seen a parking lot with a sign that said, “Back in 30 minutes. On a break?” Or driven up to a parking lot with no attendant which was closed for a break? Of course not. Such attendants often have to work through their breaks. They often don’t get such time off.

We currently have a case filed on behalf of parking lot attendants, and are hopeful we can get them paid for the meal and rest breaks they’re being denied. In California, when employees are denied a legal meal break or rest break, they’re entitled to one hour’s pay for each meal or rest break per day they miss. For a 5 day a week job, if they miss a meal and rest break every day, that could be one year’s pay!

What if they don’t get those breaks? What can they do? They can go to the Labor Board. But the Labor Board is awfully busy. Maybe they could call my office. Or the office of any other attorney who represents employees.

In most cases, Parking Lot Attendants who work in California are entitled to a 30 minute meal break – uninterrupted by parkers or leavers – after every 5 hours of work. So if they work over 10 hours a day, they are entitled to 2 such breaks. If they miss one of them? They’re entitled to one hour’s pay each day that happens as well.

Parking lot attendants can do a lot for us. They might even park our cars. Or help us find a place. Or help us get in (or out of) a space. They give us receipts if we need that for tax purposes. They’re patient. When was the last time you ever had a parking lot attendant yell at you? Maybe never.

Keep on parking! And thank your Parking Lot Attendant! And not just on Thanksgiving.

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