School Bus Drivers

Does a day ever go by when we don’t pass a bus on the road, picking up, dropping off, or transporting students somewhere?

Did you ever think about the rules bus drivers might have to follow? Let’s assume, for example, that the bus is delivering students for a musical concert. If so, perhaps the kids can leave the bus to grab lunch or visit a restroom. But what about their instruments? Does the bus driver have to stay to make sure nothing disappears in the absence of the class? Is he thus forced to miss a break? Or more than just one break?

What about fueling of buses? You probably have not seen any buses topping off at the local station on the corner. But if the bus drivers have to take the time to get in line to fuel their bus, and/or drive it to a location at some distance some miles from the location of their yard, you’d think they should get paid for that time, don’t you?

I learned of a bus driver who knows her time is being changed on her timesheets, because she is supposed to take her break at a certain time, and she won’t lie and put down when she was really able to take a half hour for lunch. Her employer is docking her a half hour pay every time that happens. Is that fair?

We don’t think so, and expect you don’t either. Do you have a situation akin to that one? Give us a call or email us if you do.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you’ll help someone one day with this information. Maybe the bus driver who lives just down the street.

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