Working at home – But Not Paid for Required Training?  

Many people have been working from home during the past 3-4 years.  Perhaps you’re one of them.  Now, however, you may be asked or told you have to return to a work location, a warehouse, a design center, or an office.

Whether you’re working at home or away from home, keep this in mind.  If your employer requires you to undergo training as part of your job, it is probably required to pay you for that time.

What if this happens?  You’re put on a strict schedule, 8-5, say.  You have to get the work done.

You’re scrambling to beat the clock.  So you have to get your training done outside scheduled hours.

If that’s your situation, you may not only be owed unpaid wages –  those wages may be at overtime rates.  You may further be entitled to a penalty for not being paid timely.

Need to hear more?  If any of these things apply to you or your family members, colleagues or friends, call 626-795-0205 or 818-547-5200.  We’ll be glad to talk with you and them.

Or feel free to email us at with any questions.  Thanks for maybe even passing this on to others.  If any of this applies, we hope to hear from you soon.

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