Warehouse Work! Hot Summers? Cold Winters? Really Long Walks?

Are you working in a large warehouse? New ones are being built all over California and can be over a million square feet in size. We currently have a case involving a warehouse that big. If you work in a warehouse, you’re probably aware on a daily basis of three important factors.

Heat – Is it hot – Really Hot – in the summer, or Way Too Cold in the Winter? California law requires that all work environments be safe in which to work.

Do you have to take your breaks in restricted areas, that require you to work 5-10 minutes or more to get there and back top your workstation?

Do you have to wait in lines while leaving work – after you’ve clocked out? Whether to leave to take a break or to go home for the day or night?

If any of those factors apply to you, your employer may be taking advantage of your health, safety and time, If this is happening to you (or friends or family), perhaps you should contact an attorney.

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