Bag – and Clothing – and Jacket Checks – Holding You Up?

Last week it was ‘Background Checks.’

This week it’s about ‘Bag Checks.’

Where you work, before you go on a meal break, or when you leave work, do you have to go through a bag check? Do they look in your bag, or make you take off a jacket or coat and hat or cap, to inspect you, because you might take company merchandise?

Do you have to first clock out? And then walk to get in to the security line at the end of a shift? Is the timeclock in the back of the warehouse and the security line in the front? Suppose you bring your lunch, go old school and bring a lunch pail. Do you have to open it up?

Lots of major companies have been sued about the time spent in line for such a bag and clothing check, including Apple, Coach, Converse, Staples, Williams-Sonoma, Tapestry, Stuart Weitzman and TJ Maxx (not to be confused with PJ Masks). Is your employer making you stand in line before you can get to lunch or at the end of your work day? Maybe you’re entitled to off-the-clock unpaid wages.

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