Religious Discrimination in Employment – A Quick Overview

As you’re probably aware, religious discrimination in employment is, for the most part illegal. Here are four types of instances where it might arise.

The first has to do with hiring. If, for example, you told a prospective employer that due to your religion you couldn’t work on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday, for example, and a job offer was suddenly withdrawn, that might well be illegal.

Or once you were hired, you might inform your boss that your religion required you to have a certain day available for religious practices and ask to be excused for that time. If it were denied, that could possibly constitute an illegal act by your employer.

Or perhaps you had been working months or years, and had been given a particular day off for religious observances. Suddenly that might cease due to a new manager or company policy. Again, that might give rise to a possible breach of the law.

Finally, your religion might require you to dress in a certain way, or groom yourself in a certain manner. Discrimination might arise, either in terms of termination, or unfavorable treatment, e.g., more stressful routes, less eager customers/clients, fewer hours, lower pay, etc.

If you’re aware of any of these instances, you might want to think about the effect upon you or others of such practices, and consider acting upon that realization.

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