Bankrupt Employers

This Week’s Comment is about how a company might be able to avoid paying back wages by filing for bankruptcy. That’s what might happen because Sears did file for bankruptcy, back in October, 2018.

You’ve heard that Sears filed for bankruptcy, right? Maybe you know people who worked or work for Sears in California because you shop there. Bankruptcy is not the end-all of a case! Take Sears, for Instance! It’s Not Over Yet! Ken More has not yet left the building!

What about people who were owed wages that Sears didn’t pay for whatever reason?

Bankruptcy might cut off those back, past wages. But it might not!

What if you could help a Sears employee in California collect unpaid wages? You’d want to do that, right?

We need witnesses, if our case gets to trial. We need people to tell us what happened to them, how Sears paid them, if they were paid for missed meal and rest breaks. Or if they were ever denied overtime.

Or worst of all, if they were paid on commission, what if they never knew what the commissions might be – because it kept changing! And if they didn’t know their commission, how were they going to know if they got paid what they were owed?

Tell your friends who work or worked at Sears in California. They might still get paid back wages. But we need their help. They need your help.

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