Truck Drivers

Whether you’re driving any type of truck, a van, a car or a bus! Do you have to get there early to get ready, and not get paid for it?

Do you have to empty out your truck? Safety-check your bus? Wait in line to get fuel? Go over your schedule for deliveries for the day? Or load your van – all BEFORE your day officially starts – in other words, BEFORE you get paid?

How is that fair? How does an employer get away with saying, “We’ll pay you once you start driving, but before that, when you do all that work for us, you don’t get paid?”

It’s not fair. In many, if not most cases, it’s illegal – and you should get paid for that time.

EVEN WORSE! Do you have to drive straight through your day, without being able to stop at a bathroom? Doing what you have to do to keep going? Maybe that should change as well.

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Thanks for reading this. We hope that we can help.

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