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Shifts – Day, Swing and Graveyard

This website is for employees. In fairness to you, you need to know it’s mostly about California law so far. So if you’re looking for advice as an employee in one of the other 49 states in the union, we wish you well.

But!! If you do work in California, or if you’re looking for work, or were just got let go, for whatever reason, maybe you’ll want to read this website on a regular basis.

Each week, I’ll post something new. Maybe it will help. Maybe not. But each week it will be different. And, as you can see, we talk about different jobs already. So if you work in sales, or drive a truck, or earn commissions, maybe you can learn how employees sometimes get paid less than they’re owed.

Here’s the first. It’s about Shifts. If you work, you work a shift.

Most people work a day shift, don’t you think? Most businesses are open during the day, closed at night, right?

But what about “Swing Shift”? That’s usually considered to mean the hours from around 4 p.m. until midnight. In fact, it may have come about in America because of the employees in the aircraft factories and such going out to dance the swing during World War II. Or maybe the shifts were called “swing shifts” because they seemed to “swing” between the established day and night shifts. (By the way, for what it’s worth, there are at least two swing dances, the one known by most as “swing” and also the West Coast Swing – danced in tandem rows).

Then there’s the Graveyard Shift. It’s also said to be called the Graveyard Watch. This term was reputed to have been coined for those work shifts that started midnight and maybe ran until 8:00 a.m., over a hundred years ago.

Have you – do you – work either of those two shifts? If the shifts are of 3 equal 8-hour durations, but you have to start a few minutes before any shift, or work a few minutes after that shift, are you getting paid for that extra time worked? You should be.

If you’re not, maybe there’s something you could do about it. Maybe you should call an attorney.

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