School Bus Drivers

Does a day ever go by when we don't pass a bus on the road, picking up, dropping off, or transporting students somewhere? Did you ever think about the rules bus drivers might have to follow? Let's assume, for example, that the bus is delivering students for a musical concert. If so, perhaps the kids can leave the bus to grab lunch or visit a restroom. But what about their [...]

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Car Haulers

Car Haulers! You know, the guys who drive those trucks which hold cars on them, as they’re being transported to either a new or used-car lot! Suppose that was your job! Suppose, when you got to work, you were scheduled to leave the lot, cars already loaded up, and be at some 10,000 used-car lot that afternoon, 350 miles away, say from San Jose to Los Angeles, California, maybe on [...]

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Truck Drivers

Are you driving a truck? Bobtail? Hazmat? P&D? Linehaul? Deadheading? Whether you’re driving any type of truck, a van, a car or a bus! Do you have to get there early to get ready, and not get paid for it? Do you have to empty out your truck? Safety-check your bus? Wait in line to get fuel? Go over your schedule for deliveries for the day? Or load [...]

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