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Managers & Administrators

Did you get a promotion recently? To assistant manager, or even manager, perhaps? Or Supervisor, or Chief or Superintendent or Administrator? At the same time, was your pay changed from hourly to salary? So now, instead of making, for example, let’s say $20/hour (maybe more, maybe less, for you, of course), you’re making $40,000 a year. In fact, if you worked 50 weeks in a year (let’s say you got [...]

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Truck Drivers

Are you driving a truck? Bobtail? Hazmat? P&D? Linehaul? Deadheading? Whether you’re driving any type of truck, a van, a car or a bus! Do you have to get there early to get ready, and not get paid for it? Do you have to empty out your truck? Safety-check your bus? Wait in line to get fuel? Go over your schedule for deliveries for the day? Or load [...]

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