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Religious Discrimination in Employment – A Quick Overview

As you’re probably aware, religious discrimination in employment is, for the most part illegal. Here are four types of instances where it might arise. The first has to do with hiring. If, for example, you told a prospective employer that due to your religion you couldn’t work on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday, for example, and a job offer was suddenly withdrawn, that might well be illegal. Or once [...]

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Overtime and Earnings Statements

This week's posting is on Overtime and Earnings Statements! Pay-Stubs! That's what they used to call them. Now they're called Earnings Statements. You should get one each pay period. In California, If you're an hourly employee, they should definitely show how many hours you worked, so you can compute whether you were paid correctly. They should show you the work you did for that previous pay period, so you can add [...]

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Bankrupt Employers

This Week’s Comment is about how a company might be able to avoid paying back wages by filing for bankruptcy. That’s what might happen because Sears did file for bankruptcy, back in October, 2018. You’ve heard that Sears filed for bankruptcy, right? Maybe you know people who worked or work for Sears in California because you shop there. Bankruptcy is not the end-all of a case! Take Sears, for Instance! [...]

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Shifts – Day, Swing and Graveyard

Most people work a day shift, don’t you think? Most businesses are open during the day, closed at night, right? But what about "Swing Shift"? That’s usually considered to mean the hours from around 4 p.m. until midnight. In fact, it may have come about in America because of the employees in the aircraft factories and such going out to dance the swing during World War II. Or maybe the [...]

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School Bus Drivers

Does a day ever go by when we don't pass a bus on the road, picking up, dropping off, or transporting students somewhere? Did you ever think about the rules bus drivers might have to follow? Let's assume, for example, that the bus is delivering students for a musical concert. If so, perhaps the kids can leave the bus to grab lunch or visit a restroom. But what about their [...]

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Car Haulers

Car Haulers! You know, the guys who drive those trucks which hold cars on them, as they’re being transported to either a new or used-car lot! Suppose that was your job! Suppose, when you got to work, you were scheduled to leave the lot, cars already loaded up, and be at some 10,000 used-car lot that afternoon, 350 miles away, say from San Jose to Los Angeles, California, maybe on [...]

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