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Retaliation – Here’s How it Can Make Its Ugly Self Known; Even Better, Here’s How to Respond …

Suppose you’ve been working at a job as a pharmacist for several years and get promoted and feel you’re doing great.  You’re doing so great that your employer wants you to work more, because you create so much output.

But you complain.  You aren’t getting paid overtime.  You aren’t getting any rest breaks or meal breaks.  You don’t get paid for those.  You even have to do your training at home, and not get paid for that, either.

It gets worse.  You’re supposed to have Pharmacist Technicians to help you.  But the store manager ‘takes’ those employees and has them work outside the pharmacy, around the store, so to speak.  So you complain about that as well.  Because customers with prescriptions are getting short-changed.

It gets worse.  Management’s unhappiness with your complaints results in your managers trying to dig up dirt and criticisms on you – to cast you in a bad light.  Why?  So they can have the unfair write-ups to fire you for pretextual reasons.

Maybe it even gets worse.  Some employees begin to harass you, and complain of gender or false allegations of poor work, or national origin.  So what do you do?

Maybe you, as a pharmacist or truck driver or cashier or whatever your job might be complain to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (“DFEH”) and get a “Right-to-Sue” notice.

There are cases like that.  Where pharmacists are retaliated against unfairly.  So now, in a sort of “What goes around, comes around,” kind of way,  that pharmacist or you or your friend or family member can ‘retaliate’ back.

Has any of this happened to you?  Have you been fired unfairly?  Why don’t you give us a call at 818-547-5200 or 626-795-0205.  Or Email us at

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